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Trivial beauty is found in nature;
Tasteful beauty you buy at the market;
Universal beauty is omnipresent.

Eastern Ad, Taiwan’s first advertising agency has evolved into a social enterprise, a collaborative platform aimed at supporting young artist finding themselves and in connecting with the REAL market. This is the goal of GDAP.

Instead of product and brands, artists and creators are the BRAND in which we market.

Why Gross Domestic Aesthetic Product ?

If we measure only the GDP of societies, we are in a sense measuring only the progress of the lower levels of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. By going straight to the top of self-actualization and self-trandance, can be only done by focusing the sensibility in all of us, and art the one of the key towards self-actualization.

Alone there is only so much change we can make, but together, artists and audience, we enable self-actualisation and reduce zero-sum economic propositions. GDAP is a best attempt as a proxy measure of this.


with THOMAS /2022

Reduce the GAP in GDAP

Establish a community that is inclusive of and attracts global artists, creators, and collectors.


Encourage collaboration and the sharing of experiences to create a culture of mutual inspiration.


Workshops, tutorials, and resources on web3 technology to address the knowledge gap and reduce barriers to entry.

Providing tailored mentorship programs or courses for all. For example, #Generative Code Art, #Generative AI Art.


Showcasing artworks by young artists through virtual and physical gallery exhibits.

Partnering with organisations and companies to take from one exhibition on tour  to multiple stops. Leveraging the power of web3 and help emerging artists access a global audience.

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