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Black Mountain Temple

Eastern Ad

23 NOV - 31 DEP 2023

JIMI WEN solo exhibition

The invitation extends from 19th-century Impressionist Paris to 20th-century avant-garde New York, with a significant connection to Black Mountain College. Artists I admire are welcome to have tea in my tea room. In tea, art, and Zen, conversation transcends beyond words, conveying meaning and form here and now. When it's time to bid farewell, they leave ...




Eastern Ad

15 SEP - 30 SEP 2023

DANIEL CHENG solo exhibition

Time, marked by invisible increments, unseen quadrants; imperceptible forces; and invisible forms, accompanied by each moment's perception, is an occurrence in different quadrants yet within the same or unknown space. In such an enigmatic world, there might be other distinct temporal axes concurrently unfolding, involving discovered, undiscovered, or even multidimensional experiences. Amid these carriers and processes, how do our perceptions and sensations exist ? How much emotional awareness is present? Within... 

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