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Curation of emerging artist in physical and virtual exhibition are equally important, BUT we don’t just stop there, we take each exhibition ON TOUR, both growing together alongside the artist and sharing beauty outside of galleries and museums.


我們不需要charity,反而必須時常(市場)警惕GDAP是提供社會、企業、組織需要的美(Aesthetic Demand)。我們以一個策展Package為單位,從我們在迪化街的基地(80坪)初次展覽,之後巡迴(台灣)⸺ 4個點各3個月。

這時(冠名)展覽和企業(總部)展覽的空間形成了一個矩陣,除了指定冠名的展覽之外,企業也會得到另外3個團隊策劃的展覽;同時企業也可以爭取3個曝光機會( 地點)


10,000 TWD/ 4 books

Subscription to Mei-Shan-Zhen quarterly journal, documenting our GDAP program, one artwork at a time, one show at a time, just art and love.


All excessive profit will be put into the GDAP fund at the end of every accounting year.


Become a SPONSOR of a specific grant, where we create unique opportunities for young artists. If your corporate mission is aligned with ours, contact us and become our SPONSORS, either in co-curating exhibitions including exchange exhibitions with our other partners. Let’s free art from the white cube, and from existing establishments.


If your company provide cutting edge technology, at GDAP we are particularly focused on explore the artistic possibilities using technology. So by giving access to more of our students, together co-branding in production artworks and philanthropic causes. We can change and challenge the status quo with diversification of aesthetics.


We offer design service across spectrums of mediums and applications. Our past design services include fashion show from concept to animation, CI of large events. Our differentiation and key competence is that that we have a network of young artist to fill the contents of design beyond just visuals. We also publish quarterly zines documenting our artistic endeavors.

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I-TING LO /2023  



IMG_8791 2_edited.png

CHIH-YU CHEN /2023  

Let us find the right stage for you, together.
                                                             This is not our stage.
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