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Keelung Fashion Gateway

25 NOV 2023

coming soon...

AI meets generative audiovisual meets fashion...

  • Midday concert with Daniel Cheng ft.

  • AI Sees Keelung by Ding

  • Sunset fashion show by Gioia Pan



Gen Art meets Fashion

10 OCT - 10 DEC 2023

GIOIA PAN fashion show / f(x)hash NFT redeemables

The possibility of materializing technology-driven art is about to be born! The GDAP team has taken 'Tech Art' as the service for Pan Yiliang's 24SS, allowing Pan Yiliang to fully 'blossom' with emotion! This time, Pan Yiliang will once again bring another wonder to the fashion world, embracing the realization of 'Machine eats the world,' creating generative elements with fabric programming syntax, and merging them into an interactive audio-visual Mood ...





Eastern Ad

17 SEP - 01 OCT 2023

所有的答案,都不存在唯一解答,更沒有正確或錯誤。從手稿到畫面完成,目的就是為了確保孩子覺得自己的答案得到理解。我們留下孩子的手稿一起展出,包括了他們當下的苦惱、喜悅甚至是茫然到顏色媒材的想像。透過最純真的創作,我們更能感受到藝術的結果毋須定義好壞 ...

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