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We are a collective of artists, builders and collectors who aspire to empower the dreams of young artists, on a journey of self-finding, and sharing them with the world.

We aim to enable emerging artists to overcome the challenges they face by expanding access to opportunities, navigating the complexities of web3 and its complex and multifaceted intersections to the art world.

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An independent artist at present, graduated from Imperial College London's Electrical and Electronic Engineering doctoral program (Imperial College EEE, BEng, MSc, PhD).

Jimi’s range of artistic practise is diverse, spanning, literature, calligraphy, painting, ceramics, and generative code and AI art.

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Formerly taught at prominent architectural institutions including National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Tamkang University, and Ming Chuan University. Author of "GHPython Geometric Computing Design", which focuses on programming language instruction and algorithm-based geometric creation.


Since 2013, utilized computer programming, digital manufacturing, and interactive mechanisms for creative expression. Through digital technology, aimed to push perceptual boundaries and explore the interplay of intricate patterns in virtual and real spaces. Invitations to speak at various educational campuses and organizations stemmed from this experience.

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Graduated from the Advertising Department of Culture University, entered the industry in 2011, and left the creative field in 2022. Over about 10 years in advertising, repetitive tasks like "ASAP commands," "idea brainstorming battles", and "unbelievable briefs" have become routine. Unknowingly, I've embraced them fully, almost like a genetic alteration, even down to my core. Now in my thirties, I've realized it's wiser not to create things against my heart's desires.

Oh, and yes, I'm not an artist, just home with time to coexist !

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founding team


Since its founding in 2020, Zhi Design Studio has adopted a diversified business approach. While specializing in interior and architectural design, the studio has also ventured into various other design-related projects.

Graduated in Architecture from Tamkang University in 2012. Exhibited in IEAGD International Architecture Graduation Designs, receiving a Jury Award. Worked as project designer at Shihe Architects. Curated "Post-60s Residential Architecture" exhibition in 2015. Contributed to Taïrroir's design in 2016. Co-curated "Meeting Annie and Grandma" exhibition in 2018. Involved in Aragna Shipyard restoration in 2019. Established SKIV STUDIO in 2020. Engaged in Urban Transformation Concept Competition in 2023.

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