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06 JAN - 31 JAN 2024

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Aesthetics arises from information connectivity rather than mere computation. Completeness comes from data relationships and may be rooted in imagination. Subjective taste overlays objective reality, forming aesthetics.

What limitations of agency emerges from art, such that the disinterested becomes the interested, artist, artwork and audience ...



Named Not

04 NOV - 19 NOV 2023

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Named forms and unnamable forms, of art, does it matter, what are bounds of forms, materialized, and forms, unrealizable, inexpressible?

What can be named, are propositions, forms through acts, the paradox of reality is formlessness. Act what cannot be acted, are everyday life, names of forms, acts cannot understand, unamed...

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Rough Landings

07 OCT - 29 OCT 2023

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A Collective Art Experience" features the compelling works of nine accomplished artists, offering a unique window into their creative trials and tribulations. As artists, our struggles not only exist but are essential, embodying a profound significance in the artistic process. Through these artworks, the audience is invited to immerse themselves, to see, hear, and feel as the artists do...

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Never Ever Again

12 AUG - 01 DEC 2023

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Not 'Again', but 'Exist' – Amidst Technological Changes and Cultural Neglect, What Remains Are Artifacts of Unintentional Creation. 

In the midst of such paradoxical concepts, artistic creation has evolved beyond familiar norms. It seeks to transcend time, spanning the past, present, and future. Embracing the notion of ...



Else If Else

12 AUG - 10 NOV 2023

Art : Evoking Questions, Provoking Reflections, Shaping Possibilities – It's Not If, It's When.

In a world where software is eating our world, we are all surrounded by code in our daily lives, everything is computable, directly or recursively. By introspection of the artwork curated in this show ...

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Art Of What Remains

11 SEP - 01 NOV 2023

Time stops after a couple drinks, time stuck, but light passes, see you again to be continued.

The evolution of artistic creation isn't unlike Darwinism. The passing of time, technology development, market mechanisms, different epochs, classical aesthetics and what was modern from the past ...

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